Unearth(ed) | Một Tia Hy Vọng

2020 | Unearth(ed): Một Tia Hy Vọng

Culture Show 2020 Unearth(ed): Một Tia Hy Vọng explores themes of familial love, displacement and belonging, dynamic shifts in Vietnamese-American culture, and community resilience.

Future day, 2050. The world is ravaged by war, disease, environmental degradation, and climate disasters. After a high magnitude earthquake hits the Bay Area, those who had exuberant wealth and power retreated to a self-sustaining metropolis, leaving everyone else on the crude landmass. The poor (consisting mostly of people of color) struggle to survive in a competitive world controlled by fragmented government factions. The story follows a young Vietnamese-American man and his grandma as they navigate a new world – trying to escape the mundanity of their current lives. Throughout their journey, they learn how to reconcile their personal identities and purposes in a dystopian society.