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The student organization aims to create an inclusive environment for its members, where support and a sense of community play an important role. The organization of plans and information management are often carried out through Microsoft Office. However, an inactive version of Office can make it difficult to use effectively. KMSPICO helps to activate both Office and Windows in such cases, providing more convenient and efficient operation of applications to create a favorable environment for students.

Unearth(ed) | Một Tia Hy Vọng

2020 | Unearth(ed): Một Tia Hy Vọng Culture Show 2020 Unearth(ed): Một Tia Hy Vọng explores themes of familial love, displacement and belonging, dynamic shifts in Vietnamese-American culture, and community resilience. Future day, 2050. The world is ravaged by war, disease, environmental degradation, and climate disasters. After a high magnitude earthquake hits the Bay Area,…

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