- VISION 2020-

What is this year's theme?

The theme for VISION this year is Clarity. Clarity is defined as the quality of being coherent and intelligible. Since 2012, VISION has had the pleasure of hosting high school students and university students from communities all over California on UC Berkeley’s campus for a 4-day, 3-night mentorship program, where we hope to foster an environment of growth, self-discovery, and long-lasting friendships. We hope that by participating in our program, mentees and mentors and volunteers will gain greater understanding, self-awareness and clarity on the various aspects of their identity, which can include their passions, strengths and ability to instill change in their communities.

Why apply?

Although the program is very young, over the past nine years we have created a tight-knit VISION family network comprised of inspiring high school students, college students, and alumni. Many of our past mentees have gone on to start their own clubs in high school, become organizers and activists, and return as mentors, volunteers, or even UC Berkeley incoming freshmen. VISION isn't just a program, it's a family of talented, hardworking, and passionate individuals that's always looking to grow.

How can you get involved? Apply to be a mentee, mentor, or volunteer for our program!

- COVID 19 -

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel VISION 2020: Clarity. We came to this decision after taking into consideration the public health risk that would incur if we were to proceed with the event. Additionally, we made this decision based on what we know about COVID-19 as given by our campus administration and various credible health organizations.

We still care very much about our organization’s purpose of empowering high schoolers and bringing awareness to Vietnamese and Vietnamese American issues.

We are incredibly humbled and filled with gratitude for the amount of support and interest that we have received from the Cal VSA community, our committee members and prospective mentors and mentees. We look forward to VISION 2021 and to continue our work and impact.

Phuong Bao and Lawrence Duong
Cal VSA VISION Directors 2019-2020