Our Purpose

Future day, 2050. The world is ravaged by war, disease, environmental degradation, and climate disasters. After a high magnitude earthquake hits the Bay Area, those who had exuberant wealth and power retreated to a self-sustaining metropolis, leaving everyone else on the crude landmass. The poor (consisting mostly of people of color) struggle to survive in a competitive world controlled by fragmented government factions. The story follows a young Vietnamese-American man and his grandma as they navigate a new world – trying to escape the mundanity of their current lives. Throughout their journey, they learn how to reconcile their personal identities and purposes in a dystopian society. The story explores themes of familial love, displacement and belonging, dynamic shifts in Vietnamese-American culture, and community resilience.


Show Information

Saturday, April 18th from 2-5PM


Parking for Zellerbach

1. Lower Sproul Lot (formerly MLK Student Union Garage)
Bancroft Way near Telegraph Avenue, under Zellerbach Hall

2. Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) Garage
Bancroft Way at Ellsworth Avenue

3 & 4. Telegraph-Channing Garage
Entrances on Durant Avenue and Channing Street, between Telegraph Avenue and Dana Street

5. Bancroft Structure
Bancroft Way between College Avenue and Bowditch Street

6. Upper Hearst Structure
Corner of Hearst Avenue and Gayley Road/La Loma Avenue

7. Stadium Parking Garage
Gayley Road/Piedmont Avenue at Stadium Rim Way

Parking is usually difficult to find near curtain time. Please plan to arrive in Berkeley 30–40 minutes prior to an event to ensure that you are in your seat before the curtain rises.

Ticket Pricing

Pre Sale Ticket

March 1, 2019


March 30, 2019


General Admission

March 30, 2019


April 5, 2019


Day Of Ticket

General Admission ticket sold at the door.


No guarantee that tickets won't be sold out


VIP Ticket

Can be bought pre-sale or at the door


Seats are roped off and are closer to the front


Group Tickets

For groups of exactly 10 people.


Can only be purchased March 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019

$12 each

Tickets can be purchased from a CAL VSA Member or order through