2014: Between the Lines | Ảo Ảnh


Mental illness is a difficult topic to discuss in many families and communities, causing it to be downplayed and ignored. However, ignoring it does not make it go away. Ảo Ảnh: Between the Lines opens the book on a woman named Jennifer and her story of mental illness. For years, Jennifer has kept her mental health a secret from everyone besides her father, her sister, and her husband. Now her secret is affecting her relationship with her daughter Kasey. She wants to tell Kasey, but her father is against it. What will it take for Jennifer to gain the understanding of her father and her daughter?

This show is our take on the consequences of untreated mental illness and the importance of communication and acceptance, especially within the family. Although there are many who may not understand or know how to treat or to cope with a mental illness, we believe that everyone has the ability to take the first step — everyone has the ability to speak up.