About Cal VSA

We're an organization that believes in cultivating a strong sense of community and understanding about Vietnamese culture.


At VSA, we seek to enhance and promote the welfare of the Vietnamese community by creating a better understanding of what Vietnamese culture is.


While VSA may be a cultural organization, we emphasize importance in other aspects of life. We aim to encourage and assist members of Cal VSA and the Vietnamese community in furthering their intellectual development.


Vietnamese culture encompasses so many different ideas and beliefs. That's why we hold such strong belief in preserving and cultivating Vietnamese heritage and traditions. 

What We're All About

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at the University of California, Berkeley was established in 1979. VSA recognizes the importance of understanding emerging narratives about the Vietnamese American experience. This student-run organization also aims to create an inclusive environment in which its members can find a strong sense of community and support. Ultimately, Cal VSA strives to empower its members to become leaders of their communities and preserves the history and heritage of the Vietnamese culture for future generations.


VSA has been amazing to me. I have found an organization that I feel comfortable with, like a home away from home.

- Yvonne Vu, Rentention Chair